How To Turn Unused Internet Bandwidth Into Cash?

Monetizing your internet connection

According to OpenVault’s broadband study from 2021, the average US household uses approximately 435GB of data per month. However, many internet service providers (ISPs) offer 1TB+ monthly data allowances or unlimited data plans. Many internet users waste hundreds of millions of gigabytes worth of unused bandwidth every month.

Now there is an innovative technology called PKT, which enables internet-connected customers to earn passive income from a home or office internet connection worldwide. PKT is not a company and has no investors or CEO. It is a common good network that is being built by the people who connect, with the goal of providing low-cost access and helping connect the next 1 billion people to the internet.

Since many internet users rely on their computers for their jobs or general internet access, PKT Pal has created a dedicated hardware solution called the PKT Cube to help anyone easily participate and get paid. The PKT Cube enables the average person to easily maximize the income from their unused internet bandwidth, without relying on their personal computer or laptop.

Over the last decade, ISPs have steadily increased bandwidth prices by about 4 percent annually. So now it is more important than ever to maximize the income from the bandwidth that is already paid for in a service plan. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about monetizing the unused internet bandwidth you are already paying for.

What is the PKT Cube?

The PKT Cube is a hardware device created by PKT Pal that monetizes a home or office internet connection. When the device is plugged into the internet, it simply identifies sources of bandwidth and pays the user every 60 seconds. Internet users who have surplus bandwidth can now turn their used internet bandwidth capacity into cash. The PKT Cube is not actually “using” bandwidth, so there are no privacy concerns and no unique data is transmitted through the PKT Cube.

The PKT Cube is plug & play and very easy to use. Simply connect the PKT Cube to an internet connection as well as a power source and it instantly begins earning every 60 seconds. The PKT Cube comes preloaded with an operating system called the PkteerOS. The operating system automatically pairs with the customer’s mobile device on set up to ensure the security of the PKT Cube. PKT Cube customers can view a dashboard on their phone or computer, which shows the daily income and provides analytics, such as daily bandwidth usage.

How Does The PKT Cube Work?

The PKT Cube is designed to support the PKT Network. The PKT Network is a blockchain-based network that identifies high-quality data streams around the world. As people connect, the PKT Network automatically pays participants in a cryptocurrency called PKT Cash every 60 seconds. PKT Cash payments incentivize people to connect to the PKT Network. In effect, this builds a network powered by the people and thereby provides an economic incentive for people worldwide to contribute infrastructure to the network.  As more users connect to the PKT Network, the more distributed and secure it becomes, by the people, for the people.

Paying users in a cryptocurrency is important because people are participating from around the world. Since nearly every country uses its own unique local currency, PKT Cash enables users to easily convert to their local fiat currency when needed.

The PkteerOS has numerous features and technologies built-in. Bandwidth scheduling enables users to customize how much bandwidth they use at specific times of the day. For example, the PKT Cube can be programmed to use maximum bandwidth at night and reduce bandwidth usage during the daytime. Or if there is no one home, the PKT Cube can be programmed to increase bandwidth output and maximize income.

The PKT Cube is also planning to introduce new features, like Bill Pay, and alternate ways for users to monetize their internet connection, including VPN and WiFi Sharing. Bill Pay is a service that will debut in 2022, which enables users to pay their utility and subscription bills with the PKT Cash currency being earned from the PKT Cube. More can be learned about VPN and WiFi Sharing when those services debut.

Is Using Bandwidth Legal?

Many corporate businesses such as airports, coffee shops, and stadiums often share and resell internet bandwidth globally.  Selling their extra bandwidth allows these establishments to earn extra income and subsidize their internet costs. However, the PKT Cube is not sharing or reselling bandwidth. The PKT Cube is simply connecting to the PKT Network and identifying a quality bandwidth source in the network. Once a quality bandwidth source is established, in the near future, each customer can decide whether they want to share or resell their bandwidth. Since PKT Network is end-to-end encrypted, connecting each user’s internet will become more private and secure than their current internet connection. It is important to review each ISPs terms of service. Some ISPs may change their permissions on a state by state or country by country basis.

Why Try The PKT Cube?

The PKT Cube makes earning money from unused internet bandwidth as simple as plug & play. For example, when at work or sleeping, now it’s possible to monetize that unused bandwidth. The PKT Cube turns an available resource into passive income. For people that are interested in a simple passive income stream, the PKT Cube is an easy way to turn idle bandwidth resources into profits.

Thanks to the Internet and the globalization of the digital world, getting a job or starting a business online has become relatively simple. But nothing is as good as earning money legitimately from a resource that was previously being wasted. All you have to do is connect the PKT Cube to an internet connection and start earning PKT Cash.

The PKT Network is being built and supported by the people who connect. The bigger vision of the PKT Network is to build a network powered by the people, which can offer low-cost connectivity to help the next 1 billion people get onto the internet. The PKT Network

PKT Pal’s PKT Cube is making it easy to stop losing money from letting bandwidth go unused every month. Besides the financial gains, each person is supporting a vision of global access to high-speed internet for people worldwide. Therefore, by simply connecting unused bandwidth, the PKT Network is able to do significant good for the world at large.

Click here to learn more about the PKT Cube and converting unused bandwidth into passive income.


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