Crypto Market Cap Regained $2 Trillion With Bitcoin Reaching At $45K

The cryptocurrency market is still red, but it seems to be holding steady for now. In the last 24 hours alone, we’ve seen Bitcoin top $45,000 and then drop back down below $44,000. With the price of Bitcoin continuing to climb, it is no surprise that its market cap has reclaimed $2 trillion.

Cryptocurrencies are beginning to recover after a month-long decline, with some coins seeing significant gains over the past day. The most valuable cryptocurrency by market cap, Bitcoin breached $45,000 for the first time in over 30 days as it gained 5.2%.

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The cryptocurrency industry breathed a sigh o relief this week following severe sell-offs from January’s tumultuous trading sessions that saw many coins hit historic lows not seen since last year’s bull market crash. On Monday alone, there were five separate crashes across various communities leading up until Tuesday morning, when things finally started recovering.

Bitcoin Could Not Sustain At $45K Level

Honestly, the price could not sustain at these levels and has since retraced below $44,000. Still, the coin is up 2.7% in 24 hours with average volatility that left some $305 million worth liquidated positions during this period – the largest single order took place on OKEx, which valued BTC/USDT position 3.6 million dollars.

It is no surprise that most liquidations are of short positions, and they happen on OKEx and Binance especially. However, there’s also some activity at Bybit too.

Despite the recent upturn in Bitcoin prices, short positions continue to dominate. The aggregated funding rate remained negative, generally seen as a bullish sign. It can lead investors who expect their investments to liquidate these crypto-assets for even greater returns profitably.

Crypto Market Cap Regained $2 Trillion

Bulls in the crypto space have once again proved their might as they reclaim a key milestone of $2 trillion for total market capitalization. This comes on top of recent gains with Bitcoin and some altcoins too.

Crypto bulls achieved the milestone by reclaiming a $2 trillion market Cap | Source: Crypto Market Cap on

Today, the top 10 cryptocurrencies are doing well, with AVAX seeing a 6% increase in value over the last 24 hours. Shiba Inu (SHIB) continues to be one of our favorite coins that’s up 17%. MATIC has also seen an 8% rise since yesterday, but other leading altcoins aren’t following suit again.

The day saw a shakeup in the crypto market, with Solana and Poldadot losing about 3%. Ethereum lasted more or less flat throughout, which is also true for Binance coin (BNB). The biggest winner was KDA, which experienced 20% growth, while QNT saw an 8 percent decline in value over time. 

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The market is becoming more balanced as Bitcoin’s dominance increases.

Bitcoin Correlation With The U.S Stock Market

Bitcoin has been experiencing increased volatility since the beginning of 2022. As a result, many are concerned about its correlation with stock markets, and it is expected that if this trend continues, then Bitcoin’s price could go even higher in SP500 index races. However, the stability within America’s benchmark indices may just push our digital assets further upwards.

The US Federal Reserve has been a significant factor in crypto price movements over this year, with many people expecting them to tighten monetary policy again. The upcoming budget release on Thursday may provide insight into whether or not that occurs. So we’ll be waiting for updates on interest rates hikes and what they mean going forward.

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