61% of Americans may purchase crypto in 2022, new survey says

Interest in crypto continues to grow as Americans show their excitement in the future of digital assets. The first annual Crypto Confidence Survey published by publicly-traded cryptocurrency platform Voyager Digital examined Americans’ experiences with crypto and their perspectives on how crypto will perform in 2022.

The report shows many positive sentiments. The survey’s findings revealed that nearly two-thirds of respondents declared themselves to be crypto bulls while 61% mentioned that are likely to purchase crypto this year. While Voyager did not disclose the exact number of respondents, the results show a huge percentage increase compared to the results of an earlier survey showing that only 27% of Americans planned to invest in crypto in 2021. 

Survey results also indicated that the participants prioritized buying crypto compared to buying mutual funds, traveling by plane, buying a new car, buying a new house, and starting a romantic relationship.

The topic of educating young minds on crypto was also highlighted in the survey. The data shows that 66% of Americans believe that cryptocurrency should be taught in high school or earlier, with 33% believing it should occur even earlier in middle school or before.

The survey also found that many are willing to invest more depending on their understanding of crypto. 50% of the participants noted that they would invest more in cryptocurrency if they understood it better.

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Back in 2021, 63% of US adults also noted that they are curious to learn more about cryptocurrency or are planning to buy crypto. The respondents identified as crypto-curious, stating that they do not own crypto, but are willing to learn and possibly purchase at a later time.

In a survey targeting American adults back in November, 16% of the participants noted that they invested, traded or used some form of cryptocurrency. At the moment, statistics show that 27 million Americans own cryptocurrency.

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